Statistics have shown that both White and Black males suffer the greatest from prostate cancer here in Mississippi; our males have the second highest death rate from prostate cancer in the United States, where statistically Black males are hit the hardest.  We will identify a number of holistic approaches and contemporary medical solutions available for this cancer further into our newsite.

It is essential for our men to take the daily precautions in observing the dexterity of their prostate.

Therefore, we have selected a green belt to act as a guide and symbol, so as a reminder to help men set goals for strengthening their prostate; urging our Mississippi Men to seek holistic ways of reducing their waistline. Which makes our green belt an essential symbol for changing the reality confronting Mississippi Men, and an essential tool for measuring a change for the better.

It is time for us to embrace the Green Belt Challenge, sufferers of the dreaded Prostate Cancer must have a Green Belt to keep them focused on eliminating and preventing this disease from occurring and over taking them; lets get a Green Belt for each of them now!