Something to ‘Dance’ to

(by, Rahleecoh Ishakarah)

The wellness of the Prostate Gland is tied and linked to Chiropractic Care, as proven by X-ray, Chiropractic Adjustment, Guidance, Advise and Therapy from Dr. Endre Matthews. In his office, study of Literature surrounding one of the pinched nerves uncovered by Xray and through treatment reveals the fact that nerves attached to organs when pinched make the organ give off the same signals as a deteriorated organ, thus such a condition that invites “misdiagnosis” and ill-directed treatment poses an important question, that revolves around the issue of whether or not there is a high and significant number of men who have prostate issues that are the result of a pinched nerve, such that when the pinch is removed then the problem goes away. Thus, as we note a connection between a healthy Prostate and Chiropractic care, we also can note a connection between a Chiropractic and physical therapy approach such as that provided by Mr. Wayne Jimenez at MediComp, as well as the fitness training provided by Physical Trainer Mr. Robert Payne at the Tougaloo College “George A and Ruth B. Owens Fitness Center.” Again, our purpose here is to uncover as many means as possible to impact this challenging health problem for Mississippi Men first.


I am a Veteran of the US Navy DS/DS. I have 3 children and a beautiful wife. I have been an advocate for better health and personal awareness for about 20 years. I am an ex-gourmet chef of 10 years. I am now a truck driver and have the desire to be a public speaker regarding the strength of all men around the world.

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