Prostate in Detail

healthy dietWe envision for this site to become “the” place where an individual can get the greatest knowledge and insight about the Prostate Gland and Prostate Cancer. In doing so, we can create a depot of men equipped and informed about what we are dealing with and how to best arrest this threat to the health and well being of our MS Men!

To narrow down our scope, we begin with a description of the function, place, image and nature of the Prostate:

Research into the causes of Prostate cancer reveals interesting factors related to the development of deterioration of this important gland: 1. Age is a factor, as men over 50 appear more susceptible to this degenerative condition; 2. Genetics plays a part in susceptibility, due to negative indications of two genes: (a.BRCA 1; and, b.BRCA 2); 3.) Diet plays an important roll as eating meat and foods that are deficient of Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Selinium, and full of Cholesterol are linked to the development of Prostate Cancer; 4.) Medication can be a culprit as well, particularly medicines that are inflammatory; 5.) Obesity is related to the aggressiveness of cancer of the prostate; 6.) Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), such as Gonorrhea, as reported by the University of Michigan Health System, are linked to development of prostate cancer; 7.) Enzyme PRSS3 is linked to Prostate Cancer; and finally 8.) other factors relating to the development and growth of this male disease are: Chronic inflammation; vasectomy; Triglycerides and Cholesterol (two types of fat).

But what can you do to combat this Male Disease!? Well the data dealing with the question of causes strongly suggest several things: Eating the right diet full of essential vitamin and minerals, avoiding red meat and processed foods, eating a preponderance of fresh vegetables and fruit, eliminate fatty sweet dairy products, abstaining from sexual stimulation, getting lean and trim by walking or exercising, drinking plenty of water, and limiting the use of drugs.

Please join our Prostate Belt Campaign to help us raise the funds needed to support information symposiums for Prostate Cancer in Mississippi by all means. Our goal is to raise enough money to have ten thousand special functioning Prostate Belts designed and manufactured and made available. Our Prostate Cancer Awareness Day of reckoning will be ongoing from September to September; making our Mississippi men aware of the important issues surrounding this health problem that finds us number two on the national list of deaths from this male disease.

Prostate Cancer is in our sights; we are coming after it, seeking visionaries and moral support on how to wipe it out of the lives of we, the men of Mississippi!