Prostate Belt Movement

This awareness campaign has the idea of not leaving out any man of mississippi nor the world abroad. So when it comes to giving away this patented, any size fits all, 50 inches and under, “Prostate Greenbelt.” The belt is a two inch wide karate style belt. It will have engraved in it the inch marks of a ruler, blended in with a bright lime green color that evokes the thought of healing. I have been patiently waiting to share this mind altering technology to my fellow male species as to heightened and extend there poetical lives. The men behind the scenes making everything else appear magical. This is a step towards our healing and how we adapt and take to new symbols that are not so new but new to us. Even though we have never considered using something like a karate belt, it can symbolize and have ties to self-healing. Yes, self-healing. When it is given the right attention in a subtle manner and made known and therefore broadens ones awareness as to be remade through our own efforts to be healed. ///Dennis E. Pate IV, Founder of the Jackson Holistic Foundation. 501c(3) Non-Profit