Our mission is to give away 10,000 unique green belts to Men in Mississippi


This site has been created to raise awareness about the serious issue of Prostate Cancer in Mississippi men!

NU-PB-LOGO2-300x293We Mississippi Men have found ourselves next to the top in ranking among other states as far as Prostate Cancer is concerned.

Our Green Prostate Belt is a symbol of motivation, drawing attention to this problem, and providing encouragement to stay the course of healing plans to get and keep us well!.

All proceeds obtained from this campaign to raise awareness will go to JHF. 501(c)(3).

Our goal is to raise money to produce and give away 10,000 Green Prostate Belts by September 2017 which is prostate awareness month. We are seeking sponsors and philanthropists to help support our efforts in this worthy cause.

We have prepared a test below to see how much you are aware of this issue:
What month is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month?
Do you know anyone who suffers from Prostatitis?
What are the symptoms of Prostate Cancer?
Where to get help with Prostate problems?
Do you know of any holistic preventive measures?
Do you know of any Prostate health maintenance plans?

If you could not answer any of the above Questions, this site can be of help to you and your male love-ones.